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5 Creative Ideas for Wedding Enhancements

Your wedding day is an occasion that should feel uniquely you. From the ceremony traditions that precede your personal vows to the special song that marks your first dance, every detail serves as an ode to you, your partner, and your shared love. You will want to dedicate thought to your guest experience as well. After all, your guests are traveling near and far to celebrate you — of course, you want to show them a great time! That’s where your wedding enhancements come in.

Wedding enhancements are those special elements that are not necessary but add value and meaning to your celebration. You get one wedding day, so it is only right that you fill it with the details that lift your heart and show everyone a great time!

There are countless ways to enhance your wedding, so consider what would make your day extra special. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Photo Booths

Who doesn’t love a chance to pose for some glamour shots? Modern photo booths have moved well past stuffy booths and photo strips in favor of high-tech features and open-air settings. From GIFs to slo-mo, you and your wedding guests will have a blast hopping in front of the camera. And with new technology, you can skip the printouts and send Insta-worthy photos directly to your devices so everyone can share and save keepsake photos from your big day!

Live Artwork

If you have ever stopped to observe an artist in their zone, you know how fascinating it is to watch them simply create. A live artist at your wedding captures all of those sweet and sentimental moments in real time, giving your guests a chance to see the day through someone else’s perspective. Plus, you will have custom artwork that is just waiting to hang on your walls as a reminder of your perfect day. Talk about a long-term investment!

Activity Stations

Once upon a time, weddings were all about eating, dancing, and calling it a night. Today’s weddings, however, are steeped in experiential details, treating couples and their guests to a celebration unlike any other. To add a fun twist to your wedding, consider hosting an activity station that provides your guests with something to do. Think cigar rolling, live portraits, guided whiskey tastings, or tarot card readings — even better if it sends your guests home with a thoughtful favor!

Food Trucks

After dinner winds down, it does not take much dancing to reinvigorate an appetite. As the party rolls on, it will be a fun surprise when your favorite food truck rolls up with some late-night snacks. Soft pretzels, nachos, street tacos, sliders, funnel cakes — the list of tasty options goes on, so pick one that you know will become a crowd favorite! Bonus: A late-night food truck is also a great way to help your guests soak up the alcohol and ensure they get home safely.

Live Performers

Dinner and a show?! Why not? There are many incredible musicians, dancers, and artists available for your wedding, so consider impressing your guests with a one-of-a-kind performance. Mariachi bands, aerialists, circus performers, and team mascots are just a few ideas to add a wow factor to your celebration! No matter what you choose, there is no doubt it will make your wedding day one for the books.

Wedding enhancements are there to do just as their name suggests — enhance your already-perfect wedding day. There are no rules as long as you and your partner say “I do” and have the best time doing so! But if you want to add an extra special something to your big day, consider one (or more!) of these fun add-ons to take your wedding to the next level.

Looking for the right live artist for your wedding day?

I would love to bring your special occasion to life! From capturing your first dance as newlyweds to creating live portraits for your guests (or both!), your wedding is undeniably worthy of art that will last a lifetime. Let’s chat about your big day to discuss how we can turn your celebration into the masterpiece it deserves.

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