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Asked Questions

What is Drawn On Your Day?

Drawn On your Day is an artistic documentation of your special day. I will capture the spirit of your event through a series of illustrations, drawn and painted in real time. With my portable art setup, I have the freedom to move throughout your event so that I can artistically translate the moments big and small that make your day unique. 

I'll display my work as the event goes on, so that you and your guests can watch in real time as your day is turned into works of art. Guests delight in watching me work, and my presence and art add an artistic flair to your day that no one will forget. 

When it's all done, you'll have a collection of hand-made, live- illustrations which tell the story of your day and are yours to keep forever.  Interested? Let's chat!

Will I need a photographer if I hire you?

Yes -- IF you want hundreds of detailed, highly realistic images from your day -- and also, if you just want photos!


I have an artistic eye and can capture images really quickly, but I am not a photographer. My purpose is to create an artistic recollection of your day, finding the special moments and details that speak the spirit of your day and turning them into works of art in real time. 

Interested? Let's chat!
Will you create portraits for my guests as gift?


Yes! I can create on-the-spot portraits of your guests that they can take home as a precious memento and beautiful piece of art. Using digital or traditional techniques, I’ll delight your guests with a portrait in just a few moments. And I’m always happy to mix and match — drawing live illustrations at your ceremony that are just for you - and making on-the-spot portrait gifts as entertainment at your reception!

Can I make prints of your illustrations?


Yes! I offer print packages and reproduce my illustrations using archival quality paper and inks. Prints make beautiful gifts for the special people who are a part of your big day. 

What if I want something different than your listed packages?


Great! I’m always happy to work with you to come up with creative ways to be a part of your event. Let’s talk! 

Do you do any “non-live” sketching?


Yes! I  can work from photos and can help with commercial and private commissions. Let’s chat!



I’d like you to draw at my event, but I’m not getting married. Can you do it?


Yes! From corporate events to intimate dinner parties, I can create an artistic recollection of your special event.

Let's Chat!


Would you come to my home to live-sketch my family?


Yes! This is one of my favorite ways to create a family portrait. Imagine a lifestyle photography session, but instead of a photographer capturing candid moments of your family life, I’ll be sketching them! It’s really fun, collaborative and a great way to engage kids in the family portrait. Let's chat!

Are you also the same artist behind Drawn On The Way?


Yes! I learned how to draw by drawing strangers every day. It’s my favorite hobby and also my profession. Follow me on  Instagram to see where and who I’m drawing next!

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